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I used to think a proposal was a document we wrote at work to explain to customers what stuff they should buy. Eventually I learned…

I formed the idea that I’d pop the question at some point when we were away on holiday. By the time we got to San Diego, there had already been two planned attempts at proposing which didn’t go ahead; ‘Project Boston’ and ‘Operation Reykjavik’. I felt happy and proud when ‘Project California’ was a success and Jen accepted my proposal for marriage.

This feeling lasted for only ten days and has since been superseded by a realisation that even after over a decade of living together, I had no idea that I was living with Bridezilla in disguise. I simply didn’t realise what I was letting myself in for.

Over the years I’ve been asked many times why I hadn’t proposed to Jen. I’d make excuses but in honesty I just didn’t understand what marriage was for.  Now I recognise it is an opportunity for Jen to spend my money on a big party which seems to take months to plan, and after the party, believe something has changed and that she suddenly gets to wear the trousers.

Like an unstoppable freight train full of flowers it is now going ahead and will be a good bash. I look forward to seeing you at Jen’s wedding and to celebrate a successfully executed project ten-ish years in the making.



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