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After a number of years of mostly blissful companionship in a union not recognised by any formality or commitment (but a *lot* of him going on motorbike holidays) it was with total shock that Andy came to the conclusion that it was time to ask *the* question.  I am very proud to say this was under no form of duress, no prompting nor any pleading whatsoever from me.

Clearly after so many years of the fulfilling experience of winning the ‘boyfriend lottery’ (or so he tells me) there was really only one answer to give to this once in a lifetime opportunity – I’d obviously be crazy to decline.

Technically I said no, but meant yes… “No, I’d love to…” were my exact words.

It’s now time for me to get VERY excited and it would give me great pleasure if you would join us at *my* wedding, because it’s going to be awesome.


Jen x

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