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There’s been quite a bit of debate over this.


We’ve already been asked by most of you what we’d like for a gift. If you would like to give us a present, we have thought of something different to the usual type of gift list and we hope you don’t mind that it’s a bit unconventional.

We’ve lived together for a long time and are lucky enough to have most of the traditional wedding gifts. However, since we’re both basically workaholics, we don’t tend to find much time to just do things together – we’re both pretty bad at just remembering to enjoy each other’s company.

That’s where this idea came from – starting a new adventure in married life seems like as good a time as any to make a change. If we have a few ‘experiences’ to take then we’ll have a great reason to actually get together and enjoy ourselves. You can help us on our way by suggesting and contributing to experiences we could do together.

We wanted to leave the imagination required for this part to you.

Perhaps you might pick something you have enjoyed in the past which you think we will like, or something you have always fancied doing and you can use us as guinea pigs!

We are also in the first stages of planning our honeymoon, which we think (although this is subject to change!!) will involve spending some time in Western Canada and Hawaii later in 2014.  If you have ever been to either of these places, or have seen something which appealed to you, we would very much welcome the details and a contribution to enable us to create more special memories whilst we are on our travels. For example, Jenny wants to go looking for bears in Canada.  If we get to Hawaii, Andy would like to see a volcano. We know there is much to see and do in these places, but we’re so busy planning the wedding to have had time to research properly and work out what we want to do!

We appreciate that you are all very busy people, and so to assist with the decision making, we have added a couple of ideas for things we know we can already spend time enjoying, or games we enjoy if you’d prefer to gift an actual ‘thing’.

The list on

If you choose one of the ‘contribution’ things then you just choose how many £10s you want to gift and don’t forget to write in the ‘gift message’ box what it is you’re suggesting we do.  🙂




Geek Footnote:

Andy wanted to avoid the ‘high street’ gift list websites, and first custom-made a gift list using Paypal. After 3 nights of debugging frustratingly low-quality wordpress plugins and integrating the Paypal Instant Payment Notification API, then reading up on the Paypal fees, and then getting fed up that it just looked like we were opening an online retailer instead of writing about our wedding, we were running out of time and opted to use instead. It has won some awards and allows us to create custom gifts and didn’t take a fee on any payments, and seems pretty well regarded.

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