Andy, by Jenny

Andrew's Tractor 001Andy was born ever so slightly after me in 1979, and still hasn’t grown up. He is pretty intelligent (or I am pretty stupid) and amongst lots of things has a special ability to remember numbers – unless it is the sequence of numbers which represents my birthday!

He always told me he learnt Latin at school, only to recently find out that this was in fact only two sentences, and even one of those is rude. He is however very good at English and foreign languages and quite often gets into a discussion with my mum regarding grammar and other stuff which is well beyond me (and dad).

Andy would be surgically attached to a motorbike if possible and has spent a great percentage of our lives together away on biking holidays, track days and Sunday trial events. I should be impressed that the sale of a motorbike contributed to my beautiful engagement ring but seeing at the time there were four in his possession, one of which was in the dining room, it was really a good incentive to make way for something much smaller ­čÖé


Driving cars fast used to be fairly high on Andy’s agenda – he has been to the N├╝rburgring on numerous occasions and can never resist driving very fast along a wiggly mountain road when there’s a steep drop (which is normally on my side of the car), but it’s not so much of a passion now.┬áHe is not remotely interested in Formula 1, but still took me to Austin, Texas to go to the US GP for my 39th birthday.

Andy and me are opposites in so many ways – I get stupidly excited about seeing someone famous but Andy isn’t affected in the slightest by celebrity status – just ask Matt le Blanc who talked bikes with him on a flight back from Los Angeles.

One very annoying thing about Andy is that he can master most things – except sport with a ball which is the one and only thing I am better at than him. ┬áHe enjoys building things – you should see the size of the new ‘shed’ in the garden which has been constructed entirely from scratch with no professional plans, ably supported by his building buddy Rob. ┬áHim and Rob are now of the opinion they could build a house – and to be honest between the pair of them (with some professional guidance from Ben) I think they could.

Andy relishes winding me up as much as possible (mainly when he thinks I am being too snobby about things) and he also makes me do things that I wouldn’t normally do. ┬áTo be fair he is probably successful with this about 80% of the time, though you may not catch me on the back of a horse for a while again….

I think it is a reasonable statement to say that learning to live with Andy has proved quite a challenge for me and he is very proud to say that he has successfully trained me to accept his way of living his life. I’m very proud to say that over the years of us being together I have not once mentioned marriage or planned anything beyond a few months away and for him to make the decision about asking me to marry me without any pressure whatsoever is something that makes his decision even more special to me.

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